Get to know us a little better


As a team, we thrive on enterprising curiosity.

In plainer terms, this means that while the team disciplines itself and maintains a sterling work ethic, we allow our own questions to guide our actions.
We understand that data science is a subject in which many areas of society could collide, from mathematics to the fine arts, and that our goal is to make machine learning technology available to those fields. Our aim, therefore, is to be as cognitively flexible as possible.
It’s an ongoing challenge, and one we welcome every day.


Jinyoung Choi
CEO, co-founder

entrepreneur, aspiring patron of the arts, dad joke extraordinaire

Anthony Cha
Product Manager, co-founder

sportsman, chocolate hater, photographer

Jongmin Kim
Software Engineer

motorbike enthusiast, wager aficionado, lover of computers and data distribution processing

Ryan Kwon
Software Engineer

soccer player, VR/AR enthusiast

Kukhwan Park
Visual Designer

hyphenated designer-developer-to-be, pursuer of peace and quiet

Suzin You
Machine Learning Engineer

(pretentious food)-ie, cat lover, woman on a mission

Wooyong Kim
Software Engineer

yoga, woodworking, coffee & tea lover

Jongheon Jeong

math enthusiast, fine diner

Jungkap Park
Machine Learning Engineer

traveller, cook, jogger

Jinwoo Shin
Head of Research

scientist, scholar


Estuaries are the passageways that connect rivers to open seas, but they are much more than mere conduits. Wildlife in these regions learn to adapt to the constant flux and mix of fresh and saltwater, and comprises one of the most opulent ecosystems in the world. We wanted to channel this lush synergy into our first brainchild (no pun intended!).

And so in comes Daria: a hybrid of data, the most important resource in our trade, and ria, a term for estuary.

By creating a machine learning system that can be accessible across all industries even without a small fleet of data scientists, we believe we could activate the same kind of volatile creativity with Daria. Our goal is to make machine learning an everyday tool for the public, and we have been working steadfastly toward this milestone with each passing day.