What makes Daria perfect
for your machine learning needs

Cloud-based, Automated Machine Learning Tool
for Predictive Modeling and Analytics.

Most efficient way to run Machine Learning experiments.
Fastest way to get hands-on experience in Machine Learning.


Remove barriers

Remove financial and technological barriers
to build AI systems from scratch for enterprises

Streamline workflows

Streamline and expedite workflows
by lifting weeks of iterative work through automated machine learning for data experts

Easy start

Get hands-on experience in machine learning
with an intuitive GUI for data science beginners

Key Features

Automated ML

Daria’s advanced automated features allow users to quickly and easily build predictive models, significantly cutting back on days and weeks of iterative work associated with the traditional machine learning process.

Daria provides various data transformation functions to conveniently construct multiple feature sets.

Daria automatically explores through millions of possible combinations of algorithms, modeling techniques and hyperparameters to select the best predictive model.

Predictive models built with Daria can be deployed straight to production with a single line of code via Daria’s RESTful API.

Explainable ML

Daria ensures transparency by providing extensive information about the automated machine learning and modeling process, effectively minimizing the inherent risks entailed with black-box models.

Modeling results from Daria are organized into one highly detailed analysis page in the form of intuitively designed charts and tables, allowing for an in-depth evaluation of model performance.

Daria presents valuable analytical insights regarding feature importance, from which users can improve and optimize decision-making.

Scalable ML

Daria can effectively work with machine learning projects of various sizes through a distributive training environment, allowing for parallel modeling experimentations for multiple datasets.

Users can create clusters of data transformation and machine learning workflows through a simple and intuitive GUI.

With Daria’s algorithmic approach to modeling, users can achieve peak performance with optimal resource consumption.

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