What makes Daria perfect
for your machine learning needs

Key Features

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

With Daria’s GUI, users can combine and transform datasets from multiple sources such as RDBMS, Cloud Storage, and Local, without any coding with Daria’s GUI. Daria then automatically detects variable types and anomalies and suggests appropriate data transformations. Users can apply any predefined data processing function to this process, including oversampling, scaling, and normalization, with a mere drag and drop.

Automated Algorithm Selection & Tuning

Daria automatically selects the best machine learning model for each dataset from several possible combinations of algorithms and hyperparameters. Training results are organized into one highly detailed analysis page in the form of intuitively designed charts and tables, allowing for a quicker evaluation of model performance.

Simple Integration

The results generated from model training can be deployed straight to production via Daria’s RESTful API. Users receive Real-time/Batch predictions, while also managing and monitoring model performance with Daria’s help.

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