Easy-to-use Machine-Learning for all

Harness the power of machine-learning for your business or research with a simple interface so you can focus on what matters.

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Meet Alice

Alice is a cloud-based Machine Learning assistant that helps developers and data scientists to build and deploy machine learning models.

Intuitive Data Cleansing & Analysis

Understand and prepare your datasets with Alice's Data Cleansing features.

Robust Automated Machine Learning

Alice does the heavy lifting in fine-tuning your model so you can focus on your work.

Simple API Integration

Easily integrate your machine learning models in minutes with RESTful API.


Still need help?

Do not worry if you have zero knowledge in Machine Learning. XBrain provides the right resource to support your experience with Alice.

Developer Support

Technical support resources for individual developers and data scientists to effectively get started with Alice.

Enterprise Support

Top-to-bottom supports to help integration Alice into businesses, deploying machine learning models in production with Alice.


Jinyoung Choi

Chief Executive Officer

Jongmin Kim

Lead Software Engineer

Jongheon Jeong

Head of Research

Anthony Cha

Product Manager

Daehyun Kim

Software Engineer

What are you waiting for?

Alice is currently in closed beta. Sign up for an invite today and start harnessing the power of machine learning.

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